Bus driver fights off attacker

A bus driver in the old capital found himself fighting for his life and money. On Saturday, around 5:30pm, bus driver Eldon Chiac, driving a yellow mini bus belonging to one of the City’s bus companies, was on a run on Princess Margaret Drive where he stopped to let off passengers. But even he was not prepared for what happened next. He told us his story in an off-camera interview.

Eldon Chiac – Bus Driver:
vlcsnap-2013-04-09-20h11m11s82I stopped by the Bus Stop to pick up some passengers in front of Social Security. After all the passengers they come in,  I also see a young man running inside the bus, right beside me. He hold me by my shoulder, and he got one ice-pick ina he right hand.  Then the man just try stab me, attempt to stab me.  I di try defend myself, make him no stab me. He finally strike me with one stab, but I managed fi hold he hand.  After I di hold he hand with my two hands, I di hold he right hand, then with he left hand di hold my shoulder. After that he just punch me with he left hand on my lip.

Chiac was able to open the vehicle’s doors and get out but his assailant followed and chased him. The driver managed to get free and make a call to police. But from his vantage point across the street Chiac suddenly spied his assailant getting back into the bus. He speaks of what happened next.

Eldon Chiac – Bus Driver:
vlcsnap-2013-04-09-20h11m27s171I saw he run back ina di bus, and I come lee bit front-way fi see what he si do, and I saw him carry the money what i have by the dashboard.  Then he get pon he bicycle and he ride towards Coney Drive. So I just set chase after he. While I there on the line with the Police.  A lee bit after that I manage fi catch he by Coney Drive, front a Channel 5. Then I stopped side a ha, and then he stopped too.  Then when he stop he come off a he bike and he stabbed the fromt wheel of the bus, and the back wheel.  He get pon the bike again, and I set chase again behind ah.  He gone ina lane what come out by Heritage Bank.  When he exit that lane, he met the three Police vehicles on the street.

Lemus had managed to run into the police, who surrounded and arrested him. But what caused the incident, especially when according to Chiac the two men had never confronted each other before? It appears jealousy was a factor.

Eldon Chiac – Bus Driver:
I heard afterwards that he live with one young lady where I used to live with.  I believe merely because of that. I don’t really know.  I never talk to this person.  I never talk to the young lady since we stop messing around with each other.

26 year old Candelario Lemus of Buttonwood Bay has since been charged with robbery, wounding, aggravated assault and damage to property.

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