Bus driver maimed; passengers mum

A resident of Armenia village lost his right eye when an unknown passenger in his bus chopped him. Police told us more.

Joseph Myvette, National Crimes Investigation Branch: Yes, on Thursday 5th July shortly after 4pm, police responded to an information in Armenia village. Where their investigation revealed that whilst the bus driver, Anulfo Monus was transporting workers from Santander back to Armenia Village. Someone in the bus asked the driver to stop the bus and upon him doing so, he saw someone walking towards him from the back of the bus whom he was unable to recognize and who inflicted a chop wound to the right side of his face. This caused him to lose his right eye. Police have questioned several persons who were on the bus and this is an ongoing investigation.

Munoz’ injury was classified as maim since he lost vision of the right eye. Police say the passengers on the bus are not cooperating and they are all being questioned as part of the ongoing investigation.

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