Bus full of tourists slams into Park Ranger

There was an accident Wednesday morning which has resulted in life threatening injuries for a 21 year old man. The incident happened this morning at around 9:30 am when a tour bus arrived at the Nohoch Chen Park. That is located in the Cayo District behind Caves Branch. A Chuka Tours tour-bus was transporting some 32 tourists to the area. At the entrance of the park there is a metal Pipe barrier where park rangers usually check the tour buses to account for tourists entering the park. According to the driver of the bus, 39 year old Nelson Park, he was approaching the barrier with every intention to stop but when he applied the brakes, they failed. At the time, the NICH employed Park Ranger, 21 year old Jeremy Ryan Castillo, was standing at the barrier and was hit by the bus and dragged some 8 feet under the bus. Reports to PlusNews are that Mr Castillo received severe injuries to the lower half of his body with a cut to his lower abdomen and internal injuries. His arm was also broken and he received cuts and scrapes to his face and other parts of his body.  Jeremy Castillo was transported to the Western Regional Hospital and then later transported to the KHMH in a serious condition. The driver of the bus was taken into police custody for questioning.

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