Bus Hits and Kills Cyclist

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-22h46m45s108There were two accidents on the Phillip Goldson Highway just about 20 minutes apart from each other.  The first incident happened at Mile 19 ½ where a Tillett Bus knocked down a man identified as Raymond Allen Sedacey.

According to police reports,  the bus was driven at the time by 32–year-old Rafael Murillos who was travelling from the direction of Belize to Orange Walk when Sedacy who apparently was riding his bicycle,  crossed the highway.   With more here is O.C. Ladyville Police ASP Christopher Noble.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-22h48m01s157ASP Christopher Noble- Officer in Charge of the Ladyville Police

“What we do know at this stage is that we have a male person that has been confirmed deceased.  We have a passenger bus, fortunately it only had in two persons,  a driver traveling north.  We do know that the deceased may have been on a bicycle and we are looking into what may have caused his death.  Direction either way, it is unclear to us at this time; we are still looking into it”.

Reporter:  “We notice there is a Tillet Bus parked there.  Could you tell us what involvement you know at this time the Tillet bu sis involved with?”

ASP Christopher Noble:  “We are looking into a passenger bus and two, a bicycle rider.”.

Raymond’s stepmother, Ramona Sedacy, spoke to us within minutes of receiving the terrible news.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-22h59m50s86Mother of the Deceased

“Well, I only come to say that I findah dih lay dong and e don pas away.  When I reach ya, I neva sih no one and only one ah mih nayba I mih sih and e com and e run and tel me, yu nuoa and..”.

Reporter:  “Where was he going?”

Mother of the Deceased:  “I think e mih dih go eenah dih shap…I duon nuoa..deh run and tel me dat e run and e gae nac dong by dih bus.  Dat da dih time when I run con outya.  When I com and meet dih baddy enah dih gras”.  

Reporter:  “So, he was going to the shop, but I understand he made a U-turn?”

Mother of the Deceased:  “Wel, dat da weh I get to andastan; dat da wat hin du.  Even when e get hit, wah nex guy get hit eena e bicycle paats”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-22h47m14s193ASP Noble issued another warning for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to be careful as we approach the long Easter weekend.

ASP Christopher Noble:  “Whether it is a bicycle or a motorcycle, everybody’s got to be careful.  In the time of festivities which we are in right now, all we ask is that look out for the next person , but be careful and cognizant for what you are doing for yourself.  If not it is going to be a casualty; you are going to become a casualty or a part of a casualty.  To my knowledge, accidents are contributed to”.

Police say they have served notice of intended prosecution on Murillos

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