Bus loads of Belizeans from Salvador coming in for election

This morning PusNews was alerted to the presence of a convoy of Buses at the border. With just one day before municipal elections in Belize, such arrival at the western border was sure to raise eyebrows. A concerned individual who was at the border submitted this photograph of the 5 buses bearing Salvadorian license plates parked at the Western Border with its passengers queued up to enter Belize. Our cameras caught up with the buses as they passed through Camalote Village on their way to deliver voters to Belmopan. But just whose voters are they? One story is that the buses contain Salvadorans who have been bused in to vote for the Municipal elections. The other story is that these buses are filled with Belizean/Salvadorian who went to vote in Salvador for Sunday’s election in that country, and are now in Belize to vote for tomorrow’s municipal elections. Either way, the pictures and video demonstrate the length that politicians and voters are willing to go through to influence elections; whether in Belize, Salvador, or both.

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