Bus transporting Green Tropics Workers catches fire

vlcsnap-5648-09-24-10h32m02s900A bus travelling from San Ignacio Town to Belmopan about a quarter to 6 this morning , Tuesday December 1st, became  engulfed in flames as it descended the hill leading into the village of Unitedville. It was at that location that the bus began to stall as smoke began coming from vlcsnap-1949-06-30-17h22m19s639the engine area. One passenger was overheard saying that he smelled smoke in the bus as it travelled as far back as Georgeville. The Westline Bus was transporting 40 employees to Santender’s Green Tropics. The passengers were all taken off the bus in time before the fire began to spread and consume the bus, so all passengers were unharmed. The bus was left to burn on the side of the highway; no police officers, transport officers or firemen were on scene to manage the fire or the traffic.

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