Businessman celebrates son’s birthday with community

Vansh Chawla, son of supermarket owner and businessman Jitendra “Jack Charles” Chawla, turns six next Friday, April 19. But aside from a regular birthday party, Dad had the idea to honor all Belizean children born since 2001 on that date – all 296 of them! He shares details.

Jack Charles – Businessman: 
vlcsnap-2013-04-10-19h37m02s15We are celebrating Vansh Chawla’s birthday, my son. We did this event last year also, where we had called all the kids 12 years and under, born on 19th of April, from Belize City, at that time to come and attend the party, or celebrate their birthday along with my son.  Since last year, we didn’t have much time to invite all the kids throughout the country.  I received a good amount of text messages, that why they were left out last year.  So this year we had planned to call all the kids, 12 years and under throughout the country, who were born on the 19th of April, to come and visit channel 7, pick up their goody-bags and a gift certificate of $50, which they can use to shop in selected stores countrywide.

Those stores include Big Bazaar, K-Park and Angelus Press in Belize City and outlets across the country. Charles says he has saved extensively and avoided vices such as smoking and gambling. The event is being hosted in conjunction with Tropical Vision 7 News in Belize City.

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