Businessman did not pay duty for vehicle

Jian Huan “Allan” Jiang was found responsible for not paying Customs duties on an alleged contraband white Mitsubishi Montero vehicle sold to him. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser thus imposed a fine of $149,085.00, more than three times the 30 thousand dollar value he says he paid for the vehicle. The vehicle was believed to have been stolen from Guatemala and brought into Belize. Jiang was additionally charged with recklessly acquiring possession of a vehicle whose vehicle identification number (VIN) was tampered with. However, he was found not guilty on this charge. The Senior Magistrate was reasonably satisfied by prosecutor Tracy Sosa that Jiang had possession of the vehicle and had not paid duties on it; however, she found that he had not personally tampered with the VIN. Jiang has until December 31, 2016 to pay the huge fine; in default, 2 years imprisonment. The incident took place in 2011 and the man who sold the vehicle was also charged; however he won his case. It was revealed in trial that that the vehicle had three different owners including Jiang. However, the original owner of the vehicle Jiang was found with lived in Guatemala. Also, a vehicle which was owned by a Mennonite from Spanish Lookout, which was also a Mitsubishi Montero, was purchased and its VIN number was removed and that VIN number was placed on Jiang’s Mitsubishi Montero, making it look like it was originally bought from dealer JMA Motors.    The culprits made that vehicle appeared to be the vehicle that was bought from JMA motors by the Mennonite who also owned a Mitsubishi Montero vehicle like Jiang’s one. Customs carried out an investigation under the tenure of Gregory Gibson as Comptroller, which found that the VIN on the chassee was different from other identifying numbers found on the vehicle.vlcsnap-2016-06-09-15h29m46s407

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