Bust of Phillip Goldson mysteriously moved

vlcsnap-2013-01-21-19h16m47s198The bust of Phillip Goldson carved by Stephen Okeke has long been a source of controversy. But it was thought that earlier this year the statesman had found a permanent home in his own division – the Battlefield Park on Albert Street, albeit without much fanfare as Okeke was not able to raise funds to put a commemorative plaque on and set the sculpture in a permanent base.
PLUS News has now observed that the bust has been moved to the entrance area to the Northern Highway now named for him, under the overpass – but no one knows who was responsible. Okeke told us on Thursday afternoon that he did not know the bust was going to be moved and more importantly, he no longer cares – he had previously complained of the headaches and hassle associated with the sculpture, which was the subject of political attacks on him. Yesterday afternoon we queried the subject with Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley who said that he too did not know the bust had been moved and authorized no such move. He said he would check further but has not gotten back to us yet. Information reaching us is that the Sustainable Tourism Project intends to do renovation in the Battlefield Park in the coming weeks and the bust, it seems, is not part of their immediate plans.

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