Busy weekend for fire officials in Belize City

It was a busy weekend for fire officials in Belize City. On Saturday reports came to PLUS News of a fire in the vicinity of Dario’s’ Meat pies on Hyde’s Lane but it turned out to be only a false alarm; fire men found a small brush fire under control in the area. However, fire officials were called out to the corner of Vernon vlcsnap-2013-02-19-19h18m22s204Street and Lindo’s Alley around 1:25 Sunday  morning where a fire was in progress at a 2-story cement and wooden structure belonging to Nelson Feinstein. Fire officials say that when they arrived the structure was totally in flames and could not be saved, so they concentrated on keeping nearby structures from catching the blaze. A wooden house adjoining the burning building was starting to scorch and a cement structure on the other side had its gutters scorched, but the fire men kept them from going up in flames. The building was not occupied and had nothing inside. It had been abandoned for nearly 2 years and was not insured. Investigations into the cause of the fire continue.

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