BWS Former Employees Take Labour Dispute To Court

BWSThere is another labour dispute before the courts, involving five former employees of Belize Water Services (BWS) let go in February, supposedly because their posts had become redundant. But the employees, identified as Don Gillett, Colin Morrison, Charlette Barnett, Michael Novelo and Journett McKoy, have filed suit as of April 30 challenging the terminations. They state that based on an internal memo which claimed they had been fired for breaching confidentiality and reports that the company has hired persons to fill their posts contrary to the initial claim of redundancy, the firings were unfair and resulted in loss of salary and benefits. The workers also want compensation for an alleged breach of the collective bargaining agreement between the BWS Workers’ Union and the company. Two of the fired workers are the union’s vice-president and general secretary. The claimants worked at BWS for between 2 ½ and 24 years respectively. A total of 7 persons were terminated in February but the remaining two persons do not appear in the suit. The claimants are being represented by Senior Counsel Antoinette Moore.

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