BWS launches water system for Belize River Valley

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Villages of the Belize River Valley from Scotland Halfmoon to Rancho Dolores have had to make do with the increasingly iffy water source of the mighty Belize Old River that gives the valley its name. But they now have a source of fresh water supply courtesy of Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), which today inaugurated the reservoir l ocated in Scotland Halfmoon that will serve more than 600 new customers with nearly 43 and a half miles of new pipelines. With more here is the Bank’s deputy chief for economic infrastructure, Andrew Dupigny

Andrew Dupigny– Division Chief, Economic Infrastructure, CDBvlcsnap-2015-06-11-10h06m23s118

“The objective of this project was to improve the quality, reliability and access to portable water through the provision of a portable water supply. CDB is pleases that this project is now completed and these objectives have been satisfied. This is expected to improve the living conditions and overall wellbeing of the population and safe guard against health risk. I would like to commend all those who contributed to the implementation of this project for a job that is well done. Congratulations. In particular I was going to note the staff of BWS, other government ministries, the contractors, the engineering consultants, the community itself.

For area representative Hon. Edmond Castro, it is the fulfillment in part of a promise he made to area residents seven years ago.

Edmond Castro – Area Representative, Belize Rural Northvlcsnap-2015-06-11-10h04m57s44

“Back in 2007 when I promised the people after listening to them… the one thing that they asked me for – if there is one thing that you can do for us, what will it be be. The said that they wanted water. I said that I promise you that if you elect me, I will fight to make sure that all villages in the Belize River Vally gets water. That’s when I embarked from the first day I was sworn it, lobby for the people of Belize River Valley for their water system. It’s a first in a lot of ways. First time, I believe, BWS and the Government of Belize provide a link for over 40 miles of main (pipe) to so many villages all at once. So I must thank the prime minister for hearing the cry of the Belize River Valley people in Belize Rural North. I would like to also thank BWS and also the Caribbean Development Bank that saw the need for all these people to be connected to the water system.”

The Bank has financed other water and sewerage expansion projects in Belize City and Ambergris Caye prepared by BWS and intervened in other areas.vlcsnap-2015-06-11-09h15m25s6


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