BWS sponsors scholarships and sports

Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) has entered a four-year partnership with RESTORE Belize to sponsor its “I am Belize” scholarship program for needy students, to the tune of 40 thousand dollars for the next four years. The state-owned water company also gave a check for 5 thousand dollars today to the National Sports Council to assist with expenses for the upcoming CODICADER primary school games being hosted by Belize from July 6 to 11. CEO of BWS Alvan Haynes said that the RESTORE Belize partnership flows out of BWS’ own prior efforts:

Alyan Haynes, CEO of BWS

“When Restore Belize approached us about helping with the Scholarship program the HR manager Mr. Brown and I have been havingvlcsnap-2016-06-30-15h43m02s537 discussions about extending our scholarship program, which we currently sponsor children from staff, and we were debating how best to put this out. We were trying to figure out how to deal with applications and selecting candidates. When Restore Belize came along and said that we need help with our scholarship program, we decided that it was an excellent partnership that we no longer had to figure out how to deal with the selection part.”

Program Director Roger Bradley spoke of the successes the program has had and who it reaches:

Roger Bradley, Program Director

“This scholarship covers tuition, books, uniforms, tutoring, club membership, and mentorship support. Students are selected based on family income and location, primarily on Southside Belize. This is the final year of the grant and you can see that Restore Belize is vlcsnap-2016-06-30-15h44m14s315partnering now with BNE trust to raise funds to continue the program. This is where BWS falls right into place. A month ago we got a grant from BEL. The grant over the years have had a success rate of 80% and 31 of 37 students completed their education. In terms of graduation over the last 3 years, 41 students have graduated and at the end of last year we had an impressive 19 of 20 students graduating. This year another 13 of16 students graduating. We at restore Belize want to sincerely thank BWS for its generous donation and specifically Mr. Alberto August, CEO Mr. Keels and the dynamic Public Relations team of Mr. Brown and Mrs. Terry who we approached at the initial stage.”

 Director of the National Sports Council Ritchel Dominguez revealed that Belize could have been sanctioned for not hosting the Under-11 games; instead, it has become a reward for Belize’s student-athletes and their visitors:

Ritchel Dominguez, Director NSC

“We decided that we needed to start selling CODICADER wands to the students in the schools so that they can participate. We also did with different entities to try and get them a board and address the public. We are still doing our rounds in getting the public aware vlcsnap-2016-06-30-15h45m58s214about what CODICADER is. Students are coming in to get to know Belize in a sense. With COPA traveling to central America it’s also in that gateway that tourism will be boosted. I think we have over 25 parents that are coming in and they will take back Belize to Panama.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Games of football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis will be played.



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