BGYEA preparing for national protest

BGYEA is preparing for a national protest tomorrow. Recently, BGYEA has been in the news concerning land issues in Harmonyville, which the group claims is the fault of the Ministry of Natural Resources. BGYEA not only accuses the Ministry of delaying the processing of land documents for over a thousand plots, but also allege that the ministry misplaced some two hundred land documents that were already processed. Well BGYEA says that enough is enough and they have called for a national demonstration against the ministry. Nigel Petillo, President of BGYEA have expressed that this is not a BGYEA situation, but rather a nationwide issue, as many people share their frustration. We spoke to Petillo today.

Nigel Petillo – BGYEA:
vlcsnap-2013-02-25-20h05m12s234Just want to remind the general public that tomorrow BGYEA and its social partners will be holding a national land demonstration in Belmopan at the steps of the National Assembly. This is to address the many malpractices that have been taken place at the Lands Department. We have been hearing about allege corruptions at the Lands Department, the unfair land distribution process and the unfair value system. We have buses leaving from Punta Gorda, Placencia, Dangriga, Belize City and Orange Walk to take people who want to reach the demonstration free of cost – to and from. We want to remind the general public that this demonstration is not a BGYEA issue, it is a national demonstration; it is a national issue.  

And what about those who would like to, but cannot attend tomorrow’s protest? Well Petillo says that they can contribute right from their home.

Nigel Petillo – BGYEA:
People can participate through the online petition. I want to advise you all to visit Krem Sunday Review, where you can “Like” the Sunday Review page and sign the petition and share it with your friends as well. Also we have a text system where you can text “Lands” with your message to 662-2981. That information will be forwarded to different emails in the Lands Department and to the National Lands Reform Community database as well. So the department can’t say they didn’t get information from someone who said “I have a problem here.” We will have a copy of that as well. It is just to put in place a system to ensure that the distribution system is much easier especially for the grassroots Belizeans.

Tomorrow’s demonstration will be held at the steps of the National Assembly building. We will bring you more on the protest in tomorrow newscast.

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