Cabinet decides no entry for stranded Cubans

The Cabinet of the Government of Belize met today to discuss the proposal presented by the Government of Costa Rica for Belize to facilitate the mobility of Cuban immigrants currently stranded at the Costa Rica – Nicaragua Border. Almost four thousand Cubans are now stranded at the Costa Rica Nicaragua border following a failed attempt at reaching the United States. This mass exodus is happening at this time as it may be the last of the US policy to accept Cubans once they set foot on US soil since there have been new discussions and relations between the US and Cuba.   The Cubans currently in Costa Rica and Panama are not being allowed into Guatemala, Mexico Nicaragua, or Ecuador and so authorities turned to Belize to grant the Cubans access for their journey to the US. Via a press release this evening, cabinet says that it views the issue as a regional problem and as such is unable to make any commitments outside of a regional arrangement. GOB says it is, however, prepared to participate in a regional discussion to identify the necessary mechanisms to address the Cuban immigrants transiting through the region

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