CAHSU Looks Forward to Growth of Medical Education in 2014

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-20h10m24s172medical symbolThe Central American Health Sciences University along the Burrell Boom Road is also known as the Belize Medical College.  Over the course of 2013, much has been said about these types of medical universities in Belize. However, according to the Central American Health Sciences University’s director of special projects, Dr. Murali Rudraraju, the Belize Medical College has been doing things the right way, and the college, he says, is poised to deliver even more in 2014.

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-20h09m42s141Dr. Murali Rudraraju- Director of Special Projectsof the Belize Medical College

“Economic Benefits- it is going to be an industry in its own.  Basically, you are looking at foreign students coming in to Belize; they are going to be studying here; they are going to spend two years of  their time here.  So, every single student on a monthly average spends about US$300-US$500 between his rent, his food and other things.  So, when you have a hundred and add students and you multiply that, you are talking of about $50,000 indirect expenses that the students are going to within their economy, turn it around.  Then, the direct benefit to the institution because they pay their fees.  So, then, again, we employ people and that comes out to under around US$250,000 every 4 months.  So, this is going to be where foreign exchange is in rating for the country”.

That’s also including student visas processed by the Ministry of Immigration. We spoke to two of the students. Raja Sekhar from India and Ms. Gayathri Kaw-nan.

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-20h17m44s14Mr. Raja Sekhar- Student at the Belize Medical College

“Just care for what they think of the Belize Medical College.  Doctors who are now working in other hospitals, they find time for us and they will come and teach us, and they are very good.  They have probably good knowledge for us and they also have experience and they will make us understand very well.

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-20h36m27s41Reporter:  “If you. foreign students study here at the Belize Medical College, do you find that you have freedom to  move around and visit the various sites of the country?”

Mr. Raja Sekhar:  “Now, I have gone to many places like Old Belize, Bakab, cave tubing, San Pedro and all.  These are very nice locations to see and we really enjoyed a lot.  i and my friends went to many places around Belizend we really enjoyed it”.

vlcsnap-2013-12-31-20h41m56s33Ms. Gayathri Kawnan- Student

“For starters, it’s a beautiful place and there are a lot of Indians here and I spoke to some of the seniors.  I have a lot of options and this was like one of the places that actually called my attention.  it is one year and eight month course and it looked like it was really appealing to me…like, I should come here because there are more options.  It is a nice place!” Belize logo

To keep students coming to Belize, Dr. Rudraraju is asking for the cooperation of the Government.  The University was opened in 1996.

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