CAHSU/AGUSM Cold War Continues

Earlier this year PLUS News profiled medical schools in Belize and highlighted one that some suggested was not what it appeared to be.  American Global University School of Medicine (AGUSM), which has its main campus in Ladyville on the Airport Road, responded with a media blitz of its own, including laying charges that its chief rival, Central American Health Sciences University (CAHSU), was behind all the ruckus.  CAHSU has not responded – until today when we brought it up with Dr. Murali Rudraraju.  He was not eager to comment, but did say that his school’s reputation cannot be impeached.

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-21h34m54s171Murali Rudraraju:  “Well, I don’t want to comment much on that.  They can criticize, they can do what they want to do, but at the end of the day, the truth shall set everyone free…and the truth is, basically as an institution, we are our hard being in Belize from 1996 and we’ll continue to be here and try to get through the way.  So, we have nothing in business relation with them measurably concerned. We are doing our business and more than anything else, when we look at it and you are questioning why did Indian students all of a sudden come in larger numbers, it is because of the University being successful.  2008-2009-2010, yes, Indian students did come in, but it was only a neutral recruitment.   Now, the first class that graduated and formed and grown their medical council of examination.  The success rate has been high.  So, the word of mouth has gotten as one on us”.

We note that despite their promises to do so, the managers of AGUSM and its partner Washington University of Health Sciences (WUHS) in San Pedro have not invited any media house including PLUS TV to tour their day to day operations, whereas CAHSU on the Burrell Boom Road has.

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