Camalote Man Barely Survives Stab Wound to the Throat

vlcsnap-2014-04-22-21h45m29s149The peaceful village of Camalote was disrupted on Holy Saturday Night with the reports of a stabbing incident. Police were called out to the Western regional Hospital in Belmopan following the report of a stabbing of 20 year old Shane Parham.

Reports to Plus News are that around 8 pm that night, Parham had gone to a nearby Chinese Store in Camalote to purchase several items when he was approached by a named individual, also of Camalote.

During a short altercation, it is alleged that the person stabbed Shane Parham directly to his throat and then made good his escape.

Parham was rushed to the Belmopan Western regional Hospital in critical condition.  Amazingly, the medics were able to save his life and stabilize his condition.

Police say they are investigating the incident but have not released any official report and were unwilling to give us any information While the name of the individual has been reported to us, he has not been charged as yet and so we will withhold his identity until such time as he is charged.

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