US Camouflaged speed boats sighted in Corozal Bay

If you’ve been in the Corozal Bay area lately, you probably wondered what are those camouflaged speed boats doing in our lagoons? Well, those vessels are in Belize as part of a partnership designed to strengthen civil and maritime capabilities in the Caribbean. On February 18th, sailors from a U.S. Fleet deployment arrived in the country under the project name “High Speed Vessel Swift.” The team is comprised primarily of Seabees from Riverine Squadron and the Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit. The team will spend time working with Belize to strengthen relationships and joint interoperability. As part of their initiative, they will build a multipurpose open bay structure, known as a seahut, and provide the materials for up to two additional buildings. They will share their expertise with the Belize Defense Force and help them improve their skills in areas such as interdiction and inserts and extracts of security teams on the water. The BDF will also receive training that will equip them to work together better as a unit to fight criminal activities on the waterways and in the rivers. The U.S team has said that – “Our end goal is to give the Belize Defense Force what they need to succeed. If they learn it and implement it, then it’s a good day for us.” Swift and multinational crew is scheduled to remain in Belize working with the Belize Defense Force until early March.

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