Can UDP hold on to its municipal seats?

The campaign trails are blazing leading up to the Municipal elections scheduled for March 7th.  The United Democratic Party presently holds 62 of 67 municipal seats countrywide. PM Barrow was asked today, considering 10 year s in office already, if it is realistic to expect the UDP to hold on to all its seats in the new round of elections? Here is what he had to say.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“If I were to say we can hold on to all we have and we can increase the number, you would accuse me of perhaps being arrogant; you would accuse the party and the government of being arrogant, so I will not say that. I will not concede either though that what you referred to as voter fatigue in the questions you earlier asked during the period when the media was in fact talking to our mayoral aspirant and our candidates – I will not acknowledge that voter fatigue, which undoubtedly has to be a factor, is the kind of factor that can actually displace the good that the U.D.P. is able to capitalize on in consequence of what I truly believe and what the objective evidence confirms, is an absolutely stellar record. Belize City – since that is what we are about this morning – there is no doubt that substantial, unprecedented transformation has taken place. And while I am not out there on the campaign trail, I have no reason to doubt the reports I consistently get, that people, the public, the voters, make this point to our candidates as they are campaigning: everything isn’t perfect; it’s not that all is completely well. but they, the voters, tell our candidates that there can be no gainsaying that record, and that record is such that in fact the United Democratic Party deserves to be re-elected.

The Belize City UDP slate held its launch in Belize City today. Barrow says he believes that the UDP victory will be countrywide.

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