Canadian Filmaker found dead near Spanish Lookout

vlcsnap-3621-06-18-22h34m46s487vlcsnap-7901-03-11-04h01m20s620Another Canadian national has been murdered in the Cayo district and police are trying to piece together what happened in the last few
moments that 37 year old Matthiew Klinck was alive. Klinck was a movie maker who had recently taken up residence in Belize. The partially
decomposed body of Klinck was found yesterday, Monday January 4th, 2016, about 15 yards from his home which is located in the village of Selena near Spanish Lookout. Due to the state of decomposition, Police forensic experts did their work on site earlier today. OC Ramirez told us about the post mortem results.

Supt. Andrew Ramirez – OC, San Ignacio Police: San Ignacio police visited the area where they saw a male Caucasian lying face up about 15 feet away from the house that he use as his premises, apparently motionless with a stab wound to the neck. The body was in a state of decomposition already. An onsite post mortem was conducted today where at the conclusion the doctor certify that he had a total of 14 stab wounds to the upper part of his body mainly in the neck area. On behalf of the San Ignacio Police Department and by extension the Government of Belize, I’d like to express our sincerest condolences to the Klinck family in Canada and also to the Canadian Government in having one of their national die here in Belize.vlcsnap-8731-12-23-05h46m01s918

The home of the well recognized Movie maker was ransacked, police say, but police are still trying to determine motive.

Supt. Andrew Ramirez – OC, San Ignacio Police: The investigative team is presently in the area trying to follow any sort of leads that they may find. The motive is unknown at the moment. The only information we have at this point in time is that he was last seen at about 4pm in his vehicle around his premises. If you guys had visited the area you will note that these areas are isolated. The houses are not really close, cluster together and imagine one committing an act at night time, the possibility will always be there that it will be a very challenging investigation.

Matthiew Klinck directed and produced the Movie “The Curse of the Xtabai” and in 2014 had also produced Belize’s first Novella “La Isla Bonita”. Klinck , only one month ago, had completed the shooting of season ONE of an Amazon Series titled “Mad Dogs”.  Klinck, in his ownvlcsnap-7400-09-20-19h56m43s008 words, was trying to “elevate the quality of Film making in Central America”, but has instead become a victim of the region’s high homicide rate.

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