Canadian National Murdered, Wife and Alleged Lover Detained


vlcsnap-2013-12-23-18h28m36s215Belize police logoDid a love triangle end in death for Canadian national 68 year old Mr. Keith Haslam Dawson?  That is one angle that San Ignacio Police are exploring tonight.  Dawson was found with a large cut wound to the back of his head on a farm land about 5 miles east of Buena Vista Village, two days after being reported missing.

According to reports, Dawson was last seen in the company of his wife and a male friend; those persons we understand, are in Police custody, pending imminent charges. We note that such duo are also the main suspects in the recent murder of Belmopan cab-driver, Orlando Smith.

We spoke with the male suspect’s brother Nelson Hyde, today at the San Ignacio Police Station. It was at Hyde’s house that Dawson and his wife were staying for some three days prior to Dawson’s death.

All four individuals were reportedly drinking under a shed at Hyde’s home on the night of December 20th.  Hyde says he went to sleep at around midnight and the following morning, woke to find his visitors gone.  He noticed strands of white hair in his kitchen and grew suspicious.


vlcsnap-2013-12-23-17h44m34s49Mr. Nelson Hyde- Brother of Person of Interest


“I noticed the man missing because eenah dih mawning when I wake up, I know e neva gah no way fuh go ann I see them missing ann I mih figgah that something wrong because I see sohn hair fahn dih man eena mih yaad, I mean, I end up dih mek wah report for that cah dehn seh that hapm eena my house and I neva involve eenah that no kindah way ann I got my lee kids dehn small ann ting, I keah’ leff out yah fuh dih shield dehn kinda ting ca’ dehn da serious mattah, you andastann?

And that’s when Police were deployed to the village in search of the trio. Inspector Reymundo Reyes, the Deputy Commanding Officer in San Ignacio mapped out for us the department’s efforts, which led to the discovery of the body of Keith Dawson and an alleged confession from the man he was last seen with. We have censored the names of the suspects as they have not yet been charged with a criminal offense.

vlcsnap-2013-12-23-18h14m57s213Insp. Reymundo Reyes- Deputy Commander of San Ignacio Police

“We made up a team of Police officers who visited the establishment.  Hair of the gentleman could have been found on top of the table.  That would be on the village.  But then, we made it to the farm.  In the farm, they have a plywood building, which, when we searched inside of it, the socks of the gentleman was seen on top of the chair; his belt was seen, but outside of the building, the person detained and the gentleman, all of them still missing.  It was Saturday, sometime around seven that the detainee contacted his brother asking him that he wanted to meet with his brother, and as a result, police get involved.  He was captures shortly after 7:00 p.m. at Buena Vista village in the farm along with the detainee.  Upon questioning, he admitted that he had already killed Mr. Kit.  As a result, he volunteered and gave a statement to the police.  After 1:00 a.m., he took police to about 6 miles east of Buena Vista village wher he pointed out an area inside a creek where the police saw the lifeless body of the Canadian retiree”.

An autopsy report conducted on Dawson’s body revealed that he died as a result of a cut wound to the windpipe. And so what could have led to the sudden death of the Canadian national? It is believed that Dawson’s wife and friend were having an affair and therefore at this time, the motive which holds the strongest ground is a jealous lover’s rage.

vlcsnap-2013-12-23-18h12m15s109Inspector Reymundo Reyes:“Investigations have revealed that the woman in question is the wife of Mr. Keith Haslam, but it appears that the detainee was having an affair with the woman in question.  It looks like jealousy came into him and that was what it caused him to d such act to the gentleman.

Mr. Nelson Hyde:  “I no really understand if it was jealousy thing or so, but as far as I am concerned I don’t think he mih gat any problem with the white man or so because da wah lee old man an as far as I am concerned, it is a jealousy matter that happened, but I no really sure ah nottin because I no get no comments or anything, no time”.

Reporter:  “Is your brother known to be somebody violent?

Mr. Nelson Hyde:  “I know him as a man that smoke crack and for a couple of years I never, eenah my life, hear that my brother get charged for murder.  This da the first time and I really no know weh dih go on if hihn do it or if he geh set up”.

Meanwhile, Nelson Hyde says that he could not have imagined such a bizarre turn of events occurring, involving his brother and at his home no less.

Mr. Nelson Hyde:  “She just said that she want to bring him to my home and spend some time with him, but I neva know that they had something planned for him or maybe they had something planned for him, but I was at no time informed of what could happened.  I really regret that I couldn’t help the man eenah wah way because if I mih notice this dih happen, I cudamih stop the crime and he would be alright right now, you andastann?”

We understand that shortly after Keith Haslam Dawson was reported missing, calls to his cell phone were answered by another individual. That cell phone was later retrieved by Police and was extensively damaged. Keith Haslam Dawson and his wife rented an apartment in the city of Belmopan. As to the two accused, we are told that San Ignacio Police are awaiting directive from the Director of Public Prosecution. Today, we spoke with Officer Commanding the Belmopan Formation, Sinquest Martinez, who gave us an update into the investigation regarding the murder of the Belmopan taxi driver which occurred a few weeks ago in which the duo are also suspects.

vlcsnap-2013-12-23-20h42m46s204ASP Sinquest Martinez- Commanding Officer of the Belmopan Police Formation

“We haven’t shifted our focus; we remain on those two person as our main suspects.  We are completing the file and we are directing the file to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and for her advice and for us to proceed in whatever advice she’ll give us”. 

Reporter:  “Has there been any new developments from the investigations in which your officers feel that these two main suspects can now be charged with murder?”

ASP Sinquest Martinez:  “Well, there were new developments.  We have that in the file, and like I said, we are going to send the file to the office of the DPP”.  As you speak , some final touches.  So, probably either just after the holiday, the file will be heading to the DPP office”.



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