Cancer Society Receives Donation from Women’s Group

vlcsnap-2014-03-05-19h17m56s183This evening at the Bull Frog Inn, the Belmopan International Women’s Group (BIWG) hosted a special Handing Over Ceremony in which they donated BZ$500 to the Belize Cancer Society, Belmopan Branch.

We spoke to the President of BIWG Michelle Rodriguez, who explained to us that this donation was very dear to the BIWG family

vlcsnap-2014-03-05-19h17m43s41Mrs. Michelle Rodriguez- President of the Belmopan International Women’s Group

“About two years ago, we lost one of our founding members of the the Belmopan International Women’s Group to cancer, Jone Boxton, (she is missed; we wanted to keep her memory alive for everything that she has done for us) So, we decided to have a Jone Boxton memorial fund.  So, every year, we make a donation to establishment, some group of $500 to helping the good work that they do”

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “So, this is done annually”.

vlcsnap-2014-03-05-19h14m39s8Mrs. Michelle Rodriguez: “Yes, this is annually and this year, we decided that you know what?  This is the illness that took Jone away from us and why not the Belmopan Cancer Society is doing a lot of good work, and we felt that  we wanted to help them with this work that  they were doing”.

There to receive the donation on behalf of the Belize Cancer Society was Mrs. Beverly Swasey.

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