Candidate for PUP Standard Bearer Arrested Before Convention

vlcsnap-2014-06-11-20h01m40s73Alfredo Ortega, a candidate running for PUP Standard bearer Orange Walk North Constituency, was arrested today in the peak of Candidacy.

According to reports at about 2 o’clock this after, Orange Walk police went to detain Ortega at his home in Trial Farm over a Committal Warrant.

Ortega was brought to the station where he was fined $11,000 in connection with neglecting on Child Maintenance.

He was able to meet the fine and as such, was released from detention 2 hours later.

The convention to elect the PUP standard bearer for the Orange Walk North Constituency takes place this Sunday, June 15th, where Alfredo Ortega will run against Ramon “Monchi”Cervantes, and Jaime Castillo.

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