Candle-light Vigil in memory of Suzenne Martinez






One year has passed since the senseless killing of 20 year old Suzenne Martinez. Ms Martinez was murdered, as she made her way home from school. Her body was discovered not too far from her home in San Ignacio, a few hours later. Suzenne’s favorite color, said those who knew her best, was purple, and following her passing, the Purple Movement Committee, was birthed by her family and friends. The committee held a candle light Vigil Wednesday at the Welcome Center Here in San Ignacio at 7pm, Carmita Lemus, the President of the committee explain more.

vlcsnap-2013-10-04-09h24m54s157Carmita Lemus- President of the Committee

“The purpose if this kind of vigil is coming together in solidarity for the last victims…people who have been victimized in Cayo.   Some families have lost their kids to injustice, and we have lost a dear friend, and we’re here just marching in solidarity this night.   Well, I just want to share a statement with them:   That we as a people are stronger than the people in power.   So, if we unify and work together, we can seek justice for our family and for our community”


Carita Lemus explained what’s next for committee

Carmita Lemus

“Well, next thing, on Saturday, we are painting a mural…we are going to do the display of a mural with that statement again and in 2014, we are planning to launch a campaign”.

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