Cannabis Cultivation and Drug Trafficking Arrest

Police24-year-old Dwayne Bradley, a Belizean Farmer of Gardenia Village was arrested for drug trafficking yesterday.

The arrest came about after a Composite Patrol from the Belize Defense Force and Police conducted an Anti-Drug Operation between miles 29 and 30 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Biscayne Village.

About 1½ miles North-East of Biscayne Village, they discovered a small marijuana plantation with 57 mature marijuana plants.

A further search about 25 meters in lead to the discovery of an open patch with more marijuana plants. Under a shed in the marijuana patch was Bradley, fast asleep.

Several mature marijuana trees were hanging from a line above him and beside him was a box containing 73.6 grams of cannabis.  Also found was a jacket which had in its six $100 bills and eight $50.

Police arrested and charged Dwayne Bradley for the offence of Drug Trafficking and the offence of Cultivation of Controlled Drugs.

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