Capital’s New Mayor Sworn In

Today the new Mayor of the City of Belmopan was sworn in along with his 6 councillors who will serve at as the elected officials of the Belmopan City Hall for the next three years. In his main address the new Mayor of Belmopan His Worship Mayor Khalid Belisle said that he and his team have put down the red shirts for the time being and called on unity to move the City forward.

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” Ladies and gentlemen, the elections are over and the time for politicking is over. I hope we have sent a message in our attire today, we have left the red behind for now until the next elections, until minister’s election day is due. As residents of Belmopan, we have to unite in common purpose to move our city forward. I invite our former political opponents to join in the task before us. This city counsel, under my leadership, will solve all insundry without fail or favour,   but we expect this relationship to be reciprocal.  Let us start by recognizing that we live in one of the most beautiful cities in this country.  Maintaining this ambience is a daily task. Even the simple contribution of keeping not only your lawns but the buffers in front of your properties as well, properly manicured and planted out, goes a long way in showing your love for this city and your support for this city council.

 During the campaigns it had been suggested that under the leadership of Belisle the City Council would be subject to manipulation. Mayor Belisle addressed this issue in his remarks.

 KHALID BELISLE- Mayor of Belmopan 

“In some disparity remarks made during the length and breath of this campaign, it has been suggested somewhere, someway, somehow, there will be a manipulation of city hall by persons other than your elected officials. Let me make it abundantly clear that the success of this team at the polls, is a clear reflection of the great respect and admiration that the people of this entire nation share for the leadership of the Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, and his United Democratic Party. This dynamic leadership has farther complemented us in Belmopan, by the stellar leadership and lobbying efforts of our Area Representative, the Hon. John Saldivar.  This is a partnership that we  will  not abandon because this is a partnership that works. “


The Area Rep Hon. John Salidvar delivered the keynote address in which he expressed his unfailing support for the new mayor of Belmopan Khalid Belisle, the youngest of the Mayors in all 9 municipalities. Thereafter the councillors and mayor recited the oath of office officially welcoming them into City Hall. Joining Mayor Khalid Belisle at City hall are Councillors Anna Banner Guy, Jacklyn Burns, Ralston Frazer, Gene Briceño Lopez, Angel Pastrana and Louise Willis.

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