Career Day at Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. High School

Today was career day at Our Lady of Guadalupe R.C. High School in Belmopan. It is annual event for most High Schools as they expose students to the world of work outside the gates of their institution. Our reporter Emanuel Pech visited the High School grounds and has the following report:

vlcsnap-2014-02-01-18h15m57s52There was an excitement Our lady of Guadalupe R.C. School today.  Why?  Two words, Career Day.  An entire day set aside for 2nd Form students who are choosing a final two years to follow in the pursuit of their individual careers outside the guidance of this institution, I spoke to Ms. Evita Palma, head of the Business Department. She also teaches 3rd and 4th Forms.  As one of the key coordinators, I asked Ms. Palma for details of the day’s event:

Ms. Evita Palma- Coordination Member

“The career day is basically where we get the 2nd Form and 4th Form in Career choices with presenters from different career paths from all over Belmopan. 2nd Formers choose which department they are going to.  The 4th Fromers are actually exiting. So, they chose what theirs already spending two years, now the may change into a different professional path, like a teacher, a doctor; so they have options available.  For this, we are basically opening their minds for the available careers in the country”.

Emanuel Pech:  “Who the presenters are today?”

vlcsnap-2014-02-01-18h15m30s41Ms. Evita Palma:  “We have a pediatrician,  Dr. Edna, a dentist, Dr. Dalice Hernandez, Mr. Thimbrell, a Computer Technician, a magistrate an archaeologist coming in,  a psychologist.  Well form all ranges.  We are trying to capture fo rthe Art, Business and Sciences Departments,  plus booths for Forensic Department, Ministry of Education, so the can see other choices available in terms of scholarships as well”.  

Famous goal keeper for the Belize Jaguars Woodrow West also made a presentation about football, a young but promising career in Belize.  Members of the Student Government Association as well as prefects were all busy bustling about hosting the main ceremony and attending to different guests.  I spoke to two 4th Form students enrolled in the Science Department, Ebony Cornesh, Treasurer of the SCA and Gianna Hanson, President of the SGA.

Ms. Ebony Cornesh- Treasurer of the SCA

vlcsnap-2014-02-01-18h14m53s177“I feel very honoured to be one of the people to introduce ours presenters.  Iam very happy that the school did this because we get to learn something about these careers and there are some careers that seem very interesting that we never thought of pursuing”.

Emanuel Pech: “Both student’s are aspiring to be pediatricians. One of the key motivating factors to choosing your career is the salary. What influences your choice?”

Gianna Hanson, President of the SGA: 

“Really it does not affect my choice because I am not really looking at the money. I like kids and I want to be a pediatrician. the  money part is major but for me it is more that I get to experience helping  children and everything.”

Emanuel Pech: “You also told me that you wanted to be a pediatrician.”

vlcsnap-2014-02-01-18h15m15s143Ms. Ebony Cornesh- Treasurer of the SCA

“Yes. I have wanted to be one since standard one. I always dressed up as a doctor for career day!”

Obed Joseph, a second form student, had a very strong message that left even me thinking after I left the event.

 Obed Joseph:

“To everybody, whatever you are taking, make sure it is from your heart, and that’s what you want to do.”

Reporting for Plus News, Emanuel Pech.

1st and 3rd form student’s of Our lady of Guadalupe R. C. took the day off as they will be have their career day this next coming school year.


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