Caribbean Motors introduces new line of vehicle

There is a new line of vehicles being introduced officially today into the Country of Belize by Caribbean Motors. The company that brought the vlcsnap-2016-05-30-13h23m19s327Great Wall vehicles to Belize is now introducing their First World vehicles under the brand called HAVAL. Haval produces a full line of first world luxury vehicles and the three which will be unveiled this evening in Belize City are the Haval H2, H6 and H7. On Thursday, the company held a Media Soft launch at the Marion Jones Stadium in Belize City in order to give them an opportunity to test drive the three models. PlusNews was there and spoke to Chief Sales representative , Emile Torres, who told us about the new Line of First World Havals.

Emil Torres, Sales Rep. Caribbean Motors: What happened is that it’s actually a full line of vehicles, not one particular model that we’re launching. HAVAL is the luxury line of great wall. So like every other brand having their luxury line owned by the same company, specifically vlcsnap-2016-05-30-12h47m12s942First World European specifications. It’s not a third world vlcsnap-2016-05-30-13h10m37s143edition, it’s only 1st world. It passes all Euro 5 ratings, all NCAP Crash ratings. All these models including the H9 come with the front side curtain airbag, keyless entry, keyless start. Everything is all power, all electrical, all the safety features you can possibly think about with of course the ADS breaking system, tire pressure monitoring system, these come with the hill assent and the hill descent, anti skid regulation vehicle stability control system. Of course all of those jargons are just vehicle talk, we nuh want go down that road. What it is is it’s a very safe vehicle in terms of wheel based wise in terms of control and handling on off road. The H9 is actually an all wheel drive, it’s always in 4 wheel drive. vlcsnap-2016-05-30-12h48m41s315You have power in all 4 wheels at any given time. It also has an electronic differential lock that comes in automatically if you find yourself maybe varying off the on road pavement, it automatically clicks in. It redistributes automatically and of course there’s different settings, we don’t have snow in Belize but we have similar settings such as sand and gravel, there’s a setting for the mud, there’s a setting for the hills that automatically the vehicle does what displacements it needs to do.

PlusTV’s Louis Wade took one of the vehicles for a spin around the stadium and here is what he had to say about the ride.

Louis Wade, Test drove HAVAL: It handles very very well. It is a very very smooth ride. This vehicle as I understand it is like the KIA Sportage and if you’re familiar with the KIA line of vehicles, they ride very comfortably, there’s a particular size, if you’re not into very large vehicles, this is just the appropriate size for a family of 4, or young people, you’re now getting financially liberated and you’re now getting to drive your own vehicle. This H2 goes duty free for about $45,000.00 and with duty it is $75,000.00. So for well under $100,000.00 you get a brand new 2017 HAVAL vehicle, the H2. So when you have the key on you, you don’t need to pull out the key and open the door really because once it sense that you are in proximity of  the vehicle, then you just press the buttonvlcsnap-2016-05-30-12h58m02s339 and it automatically opens. So this is how the key looks, and some of the newer vehicles come with vlcsnap-2016-05-30-13h17m10s706it and the HAVAL is no exception. So we get in and press the button and that’s it, it started already and everything is touch screen right here again, standard for this first class, first edition for this first world H9.

Emil Torres, Sales Rep. Caribbean Motors: Show you a cool little feature as well, automatically you’re going to feel in your back, it starts to massage you.

Louis Wade, Test drove HAVAL: So after a hard day at the office, you could get your massage before you reach home.

Emil Torres, Sales Rep. Caribbean Motors: We like to say anybody who buys a brand new vehicle doesn’t pay any labor cost for the life of the warranty, so when you come in you pay for about all your filters and that’s about it.vlcsnap-2016-05-30-12h58m52s110

Louis Wade, Test drove HAVAL: Man this is a beauty. It handles perfectly, we’re not hearing the engine outside we’re hearing the air conditioning and it’s really an exceptional ride.

He will have much more to say about the vehicles on Monday Morning’s Rise and Shine Show. You too can test drive the new Haval line right now at the Friday evening Biltmore Plaza launch or at the Caribbean Motors showroom in Belize City or in Spanish Lookout.

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