CARICOM Strategy Meets with Renovated Hope for Social Inclusion

A three-day workshop began on Wednesday in Belize City hosted by the CARICOM Secretariat and dealing with the subject of youth violence.   We hear from the Secretariat’s Program Manager for Sustainable Development, Beverly Reynolds.

Beverly ReynoldsSecretariat’s Program Manager for Sustainable Development

vlcsnap-2013-10-24-08h43m03s252“We begin a three day workshop here in Belize, looking for strategies for preventing crime and violence in schools in our community.   Our target groups are teachers, community police workers, social workers, parents, students themselves, face base leaders, community leaders and the idea is to build the capacity of these persons top deal with the challenges that they are facing both in schools and in communities as it relates to crime and violence. 

Reporter:  “Can you explain to me, is it a region wide program?”

Beverly Reynolds:  “Yes.   Alright, well, first of all, this particular workshop is one among other activities that we’ve conducted.   Here in Belize, we started in 2011.

 For facilitator Brian Skinner, the road to redemption starts at home.

Mr. Brian Skinner – Facilitator:

vlcsnap-2013-10-24-08h49m32s64 “In arrest of observation, but sometimes, there is a different window that let in light to give us wisdom to address the problems.    The issue of them, social inclusion comes from comes from exclusion.   Exclusion starts in the womb of a woman in the way she concedes a child, the way she nurtures the child, the way the father accepts the child when he came out of the womb, how the family nurtures.   So, the most important thing for social inclusion is self acceptance, and the character quality of tolerance gives you that ability to do that.   Also, sometimes people have to understand: power is the ultimate status of one person, but you have power, you must have freedom, and if you are still tied to gangs, you are still tied to the past, you are still tied to those things that you were given and you cannot accept it, then you don’t have freedom; so, you really have true power; your power is based on deception.   So, what you need is the character quality of truthfulness.   You need self acceptance.   We need to teach parents how to accept your kids; we need to teachers how to accept a student; we need to teach every facet of structures of society how to accept people where they are, and then, work with them to bring them”.

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