Carjacker found guilty by court

Philip Bowen, a clothes vendor, was found guilty of robbery and aggravated assault by Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith and is serving a 7-year prison sentence.  He jacked a taximan at gun point of his vehicle, forcing the operator to jump out of it to save his life. He then went on a joy ride until he was intercepted by police in the wee hours of the morning after a high speed chase with police who detained him after finding a cell phone belonging to him. The cell phone was left inside the taxi with a picture of Bowen on it. The charges were laid by PC Anson Simpson and PC Argazabad Sankey along with Harry Holder, whose grey Nissan Altima taxi cab was taken from him. Bowen had remained silent in his own defence at trial, but enough evidence was present to convict him of the charges according to Chief Magistrate, Ann-Marie Smith. Bowen spoke only to ask for leniency; the Chief Magistrate removed the 8 months he had been on remand from his prison term, leaving 6 years and 4 months of the 7 years imposed. A charge of handling stolen goods was withdrawn by the prosecutor at the vlcsnap-2016-02-18-13h34m20s418commencement of the trial since Bowen in law could not steal and handle the vehicle at the same time. On June 28, 2015, Holder said someone caught his taxi asking to go to 88 Shopping Center on Central American Boulevard from Cinderella Plaza Taxi Stand at Freetown Road and Douglas Jones Street but before it passed the Puma Freetown Gas Station, Holder was told at gunpoint to stop the vehicle, whereupon he jumped out and escaped to report the matter to police. Meanwhile, Bowen drove the taxi across the Belcan Bridge and police intercepted him at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Mahogany Street at high speed. He ignored their warnings to stop and drove into Antelope Street Extension where the police officers cornered him; Bowen slowed down and fired a single shot at them. The police fired back; he sped off again and later the police found the taxi crashed in a nearby drain on Antelope Street extension.

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