Carlitos Valdez stabbed to death

Several hours before the fire destroyed several homes on San Pedro , a Benque Viejo man was murdered on the island. Reports are that sometime around 7:40 p.m. on Friday night, Police Constable Nestor Campus was upstairs of his residence on Caribena Street in San Pedro when he heard a commotion. Upon making checks, Campus saw a known male person with a knife in his hand running from the direction of a room that was being occupied by Carlitos Valdez, located on the eastern side of the residence. According to Inspector Alejandro Cowo, Campus was able to subdue the person after a brief struggle. Upon further investigation, Valdez’s lifeless body was found in his bedroom.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: Police on Friday the 3rd of August sometime after 8pm, responded to the White Horse Club situated on Caribena Street, where they visited a room which was occupied at the time by the deceased, Mr. Calitus Valdez. Where police upon arrival found him lying on his bed with several apparent stab wounds to his body. What police had gathered so far is that, Police Constable, Mr. Campos who resides in the same apartment building was inside of his room along with his wife when he heard a commotion coming out of one of the rooms of the apartment. As a result as he stepped out of his room, he observed a male person running out of Mr. Valdez’s room, holding a knife and observed that he had suspected blood on his shirt. He made an attempt to subdue this person, however he was approached by the male person with the knife and after a little struggle, he managed to disarm the man and subdue him. Thereafter, he visited the room where found Mr. Valdez apparently motionless with chops and apparent stab wounds to the chest and stomach area.

The alleged suspect has been identified as 23 year old Gilbert Chanek. According to Cowo, Chanek has been frequenting the residence of Valdez over the past two years. Cowo says that Chanek and Valdez are known to be friends.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: We cannot exactly tell you if it was a dispute. There was a commotion, people speaking at a loud tone of voice and that is what caught the officer’s attention.

Reporter: Were you able to determine if the weapon, the knife was already in the apartment or it was something that the suspect brought with him?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: That’s something that we do not know yet.

Reporter: No motive as yet?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: No motive as yet. We know that one of the family members of the suspect who is Mr. Gilbert Antonio Chanek resides at that same building and he was visiting that family member there.

Reporter: Do you know how many stab wounds?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: He had several stab wounds to the chest and to the stomach area.

Reporter: No signs of forced entry though.

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: There are no signs of forced entry.

Reporter: Sir, have you gotten any information that this alleged perpetrator has some kind of mental problem?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: No

Reporter: Is there anything to indicate that these men are relatives or they were very close friends?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: What we know is that, yes they know each other for a long time and that he has been frequenting that same location there for over two years because a family member resides at that location along with Mr. Valdez. Not in the same room but on the other rooms in the apartment area.

Relatives of Chanek claim that he is battling a mental disability. However, according to Cowo, the family has not been able to present any valid documents to substantiate such claims

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: There is nothing to substantiate that fact, that is what the family members are claiming but they up to now have not shown any document to prove that he has been seen by a doctor or anybody qualified to say that yes this person is suffering from this kind of illness.

Reporter: So then who brought up that he had stabbed his aunt, or grandmother or something like that on previous occasion?

ASP.  Alejandro Cowo, NCIB: We don’t have that information, as I mentioned before.

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