Carnival weekend was safe apart from firearm discharge

According to Police, Carnival weekend was safe for residents and visitors to Belize City.

The Police Department flexed its manpower from across the country into Belize City with some degree of success as reported by press officer Raphael Martinez.

Raphael Martinez – Press Officer, Belize Police Department

“I’d like at  this  time to congratulate the Belize City public, and to a great extent all visitors who visited Belize City during Carnival season.

I must mention that it went, for most part, incident free and as you all know that this is the time when we spend enough energy from the Police Department to police Belize City. It has always been approximately 50% of our manpower used to come down Belize City, and that’s including, of course, members of the Belize Defence Force as well,  to come down to ensure that we have a very safe September celebrations.

This will actually continue up to 21st September, and we do again encourage people out there, if you see something, if you don’t feel too secure about something, please call the Police Department 911, and let’s keep our September celebrations incident free.”

However, there was one incident, which as it turns out was not really an incident. Around 6:00 Saturday morning at the conclusion of the Carnival Jouvert, there were shots fired on Douglas Jones Street.

However, police have not received an official report as explained by Martinez.

Raphael Martinez

“There was no official report of shots being fired.  Indeed, we heard that shots were being fired, but nobody was injured.  So that’s a good thing about that. 

There was no official report made.  So again, it’s very important to make official reports.  Call the police when you see something like that.”

We have since reliably learned that the reason there may not have been such a report was because the incident may be gang related. We are told that members of two rival gangs met in the area and opened fire, but no one was hurt, and no one chose to complain to police.

The Department’s September-related operations, with support from the Belize Defence Force, continue until September 21.

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