Castro brothers’ charges prepared but not read?

Yesterday, ASP Chester Williams told the media that despite a leaked police report to the media that two sons of Minister Castro were found speedingvlcsnap-00108 and accosted by cops, the police report was inaccurate. As we told you yesterday,  the leaked police report indicated that 21 year old Jafari Castro and his brother 23 year old Wasani Castro  cursed the police. The vehicle they were in did not have a displayed license sticker nor was the driver able to produce a driver’s license. ASP Williams informed the media that the story given by police had “holes” in. He told us that the police actually beat the brothers on the way to the station and the arresting officer then decided on his own not to proceed with charges.  Plus news has, however, received copies of charge sheets that were prepared for Jafari Castro. The three sheets are for “Failure to display license sticker”, “Failure to produce driving license”  and “using obscene language”. The dates on the charge sheets are June16th.  Basevlcsnap-00054d on ASP William’s statements at the press conference yesterday, it appears that though the charge sheets were prepared, those charges were never read to Jafari Castro. As for Wasani Castro, PC Dionicio Coc had also alleged that Wasani Castro assaulted him and he requested court action. That’s according to the report that is also on CIMS , where it says that  Wasani Castro was handcuffed, charged and taken to precinct two for lock up. ACP Williams says that is not true either.

Jules Vasquez, Reporter: However, PC Coc did give a statement in which he requested court action. And on the CIMS, the report that’s on the CIMS, not the first report that was on the media, the second report- number ten thousand nine six six one on the Sim system, POR- says clearly that he requested court action and that the man was handcuffed, Wasani Castro was handcuffed, charged and taken to precinct two for lock up. It says that. I can read it to you sir.

ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Easter Division (South): That is not true though. It might be there but that is not so; and I will tell you, it is not Coc who was dealing with the young men, it was PC Caliz. So I know nothing about Coc until I saw the report being released.

Jules Vasquez, Reporter: Yes but Coc made a statement saying: I request court action.vlcsnap-00053

ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Easter Division (South): Well like I said my breda, I knew nothing of Coc but if Coc so desires, that he thinks the young men assaulted him, like I said, neither myself nor the commissioner or anybody is going to impede police from doing his work. He can proceed against them. And they, the young men, also have the option to complain against him as it relates to what he did to them at the police station.

As we said, according to Williams, no one was charged in the incident at the sole discretion of the police officers involved in the incident.  Now, according to a memo from the Commissioner of Police that was sent to all OC’s and police department heads on January 6th of this year, titled “Unauthorized Negotiation with Criminal Elements”, and we quote,

“…all persons are to be charged once a crime has been committed and there is evidence to support the charge. In NO   circumstance should any deal be made with criminal elements found committing or having committed a crime. In essence, NO NEGOTIATION.”

The memo signed by the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie also says that

“..supervisors including senior officers are NOT to instruct, interfere or otherwise influence junior officers from levying charges against anyone, provided there is sufficient evidence to support the charges.”   vlcsnap-00109

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