Castro not worried about revoked VISA

As we said, Castro says in his press release issued yesterday that he once held a US Permanent Residency or Green Card, which he turned in eight years ago in 2009 and that is when he was issued both visas (Diplomatic and Tourist). Today, the media caught up with Castro and asked him about the visa issue.  Here is how that exchange went.

Edmond Castro, Minister of National Emergency Management: I don’t know if it’s the vlcsnap-2017-06-01-10h34m56s610protocol. My diplomatic VISA would be expired in, I think 61 or 62 days. The passport will be expired on August 2nd as well. So I don’t know if it’s their protocol to ask ministers or people with diplomatic passports to come in and to discuss whether they want to renew or not. I had no interest in renewing so I declined cause I had no interest in renewing any VISA to go there, so I did not go in and they do what they wanted to do.

Reporter: But as a government official sir is it of concern to you that here is a case where you as the sitting minister has gotten your visa cancelled as of course your CEO was also turned back.

Edmond Castro, Minister of National Emergency Management: Sir I have 62 days left on that passport, I have not been using that visa or that passport for the past 3 plus years. What I can tell you is not many Belizeans would have a green card and turn it in. I had a green card and after I got elected in 2008 it wasn’t working for me, I went to them I called them and I went in and I turned in the green card. I never asked for a visa they offered and stamped a visa in my passport, I never asked for one. I used it for like 2 years and I never used it again. One of the other visa that they put in my passport I never did use for 5 years or 8 years, 9 years whatever it is, I never did use it. So I have no desire or no need for such so then I don’t believe there was any intent or interest for me to go in and sit down and ask for such renewal if that’s the case.vlcsnap-2017-06-01-10h28m34s199

Reporter: Respectfully sir my question remains the same, the situation where you as the minister has gotten your visa shelved and your CEO also. In terms of your official business for government you would not be allowed to travel outside of the country.

Edmond Castro, Minister of National Emergency Management: No sir! Let me tell you this, da no only the United States you go to do business for your government. If that was the case maybe I could have kept my residency card, I turned that in, I had no interest in going there so if that’s what they wanted to discuss there was no need to discuss that because I have no interest. I got nothing to do with CEO and you want the CEO any questions about her stuff I have no interest, I have not been travelling to that particular country for over 3 years and the records can show for that.

The media also caught up with the Deputy P{rimeMinsiter, Honorable Patrick Faber who was asked if Castro’s Visa Revocation was an indictment by the United States that there have been corrupt activities by the UDP administration. Here is his response.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister:  The US Government has sent no documentation or ask for any kind of sit down with anybody in our Government to say this is why we canceled the visas for Minister Castro.vlcsnap-2017-06-01-11h05m17s627

Reporter: But isn’t it obvious, sir?

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister:  No. It cannot be. There might be a number of reasons why.

Reporter: He took a lady to trial and she testified under oath in court and he lost the case; she testified that he took money?

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister:  And that may well be the case but it is not documented. It is not written in stone that is what the US Government is accusing him of. You have seen in his posting in fact that he has said that the US government invited him in to discuss the possibility of him keeping the VISA or renewing the VISA, whatever the case was. And he has said that he declined to go because he wasn’t interested. Now we don’t know what the circumstances are. It could be that there are other circumstances that saw his VISA being cancelled, or saw that the US thought that this was not something that they wanted to keep on doing. So I, like you, we could speculate; a lot of speculation could be had, but I can’t go on the record to say that any of this is the case because we simply don’t know and that would be irresponsible of me.

We thank our colleagues at Krem for sharing those clips with us.

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