Castro Scandal Damaging Government’s Image, says Mayor

vlcsnap-2014-01-23-10h28m05s144The Mayor also briefly touched on the scandal enveloping fellow UDP and Minister of State for Transport Hon. Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro, accused of  obtaining thousands of dollars of public funds belonging to the Belize Airports Authority for his personal use in his constituency of Belize Rural North.

As an aspiring national politician himself, Bradley says he shares the Prime Minister’s distaste for the naked hustling of his colleague, and says further that the resulting furor from this and similar scandals is damaging the Government’s reputation and obscuring the good work it is doing countrywide.

vlcsnap-2014-01-15-00h22m59s116Mr. Darrel Bradley- Mayor of Belize City

“Well, I have not been following that situation very closely.  But, again, I have made the statement very clearly, no government can  perform effectively, unless there are principles of good administration.  Unless the people at the very  top adhere to the highest levels of  conduct.  It is something that is distasteful; it is something that causes a scourge on the UDP on a whole.  I am a UDP ; I want to know that every single member of my party is doing things on behalf of members of the public and we don’t really get side tracked by these allegations.  We are doing a lot of work in the city; the central government is doing a significant amount of work in the city and countywide and I really think that these things just detract from the good work of the UDP and it’s very, very unfortunate and distasteful”.

The Minister of State has yet to offer a satisfactory explanation for his use of the funds, insisting that he signed no checks himself.

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