Castro’s Crooked Tree Causeway Bruk Up

In the forefront of Castro’s political campaign were some street works in Belize Rural North which Castro had facilitated with the help of some good old Petro Caribe monies of course. One such work is the upgrading of the Crooked Tree causeway that links the village of Crooked tree to the Phillip Goldson Highway across the Crooked Tree lagoon. On Saturday, works ceased for the weekend and the very next day, Sunday, we received reports that the road was cracking up and villagers became very concerned.

George Guest – Resident of  Crooked Treevlcsnap-2015-06-02-11h56m36s178

“My name is George Guest, I am reporting from Crooked Tree Village on the Lagoon – the Causeway that Castro built and is now falling apart one day after they pulled out of the village. This ridiculous for half a million dollars is going back into the lagoon it came from. What we are saying to Castro is,’ do your job properly and do not pocket the money. We know how much it cost to build the causeway across the Lagoon Mr. Castro.”

When Castro was approached by sectors of the media he said he would not answer to anything he believes to be unrelated to the convention.

Edmund Castro – UDP Standard Bearer, Belize Rural Northvlcsnap-2015-06-02-11h58m55s153

“I am here to talk about the convention, ask me about the convention and then I will talk to you. I am saying that we won this convention. I called it before it happened. Thank you very much. “

The only one we did speak to was Hon. Boots Martinez Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation who appeared disbelieving when we asked him about it.

Hon. Boots Martinez  – Castro Supportervlcsnap-2015-06-02-12h05m10s177

“That came up today on a Sunday and coincidentally  on convention day? I am sorry sir. I think that the whole thing is playing out as politics. This is Sunday you know. This is a convention day, this is not a working day so to speak. It’s just today that it broke or did it break from Friday? I don’t know.”

Today we received reports of further damages to the causeway under construction. According to sources from the village of crooked tree, as of today the section of the causeway that had cracked fell further into the lagoon. We will keep following this story.

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