Catfish is spreading in the Rio Hondo

catfishThe invasive armoured catfish is reportedly spreading in the Rio Hondo. Many have heard about the lionfish or tilapia – invasive marine species that has threaten to take over whole populated areas of marine ecology. Last year another such species, the armoured catfish, was sighted in the Rio Hondo area. The Fisheries Department has been tracking its movements ever since and now say they have a live specimen to examine.

vlcsnap-2013-02-07-19h35m18s247It’s very distructive to your natural environment, and it’s very robust. Actually this specimen that we caught, the fisheries had it outside of water for hours.  It could live on land without being in water.  The reason why it’s important for us, and I guess for our partners across the border, is because our local spieces are already under stress by the Talapia invasion.  It competes for them like the Bay Snook and these spieces who naturally create nests. These fish just literally maginalise them , and push them out and displace them.

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