Catholic Bishop gets injunction to stop concert at one of its schools

Lewd, rude, crude, and demonic are just some of the words used to describe Jamaican artist Alkaline. But someone decided Alkaline would make a great artist to bring into Belize to entertain the country’s most vulnerable and impressionable.

A concert featuring the young man, who has tattooed the white of his eyes black and has tattooed on his chest “the wise owl”, associated with demonic worship, was scheduled for Friday night in San Ignacio Cayo, but that concert is now off!.

The lyrics of Alkaline’s songs are at best repulsive enough, but his on stage performance often includes lewd sexual acts on stage. While Alkaline is certainly aiming for shock value, the true shocker is that the Alkaline concert this weekend was to be held on the campus of a Christian school.

BishopSomehow, someone slipped up and the Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio rented its facilities to the group promoting the event. The Bishop of the Diocese of Belize Dorick Wright issued a strongly worded press release on Friday saying that he just found out about this rental for the Alkaline concert, and he minced no words in expressing his displeasure.

The release says, and we quote,  “As the Bishop of Belize, I strongly oppose this event, which represents a serious error in judgment on the part of the Administration of Sacred Heart in allowing it to take place on their campus. This event presents a grave moral danger to the socially fragile and impressionable youth of the College and those from all over Belize who will attend.”

Alkaline’s on stage performance also typically features satanic symbols and the lyrics of his songs glorify immorality. In fact, according to the Bishop,  Alkaline “…has been banned from performing on some Caribbean islands and should have no place in our Christian Nation of Belize. This concert represents a departure from everything we in the Church hold as good, wholesome and sacred. Sacred Heart College must not promote such rank hedonism.”

The Bishop encouraged parents to oppose the event and forbid their children from attending. He says, “As the Bishop charged with the duty of shepherding the families of our Nation, I am sounding a call to all parents to forbid your children from attending this event. This artist’s performance will certainly impact your children’s innocence and spiritual wholeness in a very negative way.

Late Friday evening, the Catholic church, via its attorney Michel Shebat, convinced the Supreme Court to grant the church a temporary injunction to prevent the Alkaline crew from having a concert at their facility.

The Alkaline concert is being sponsored by Angelus Press, Midas Resort, Shawn’s House of Beauty, CA Tech Solutions, and promoted by Marine Sound Entertainment.

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