Cavetubing Workers Detained as Police Continue Investigations Into Reyes’ Beating

vlcsnap-2014-06-05-05h55m20s242Police are continuing their investigations into the brutal beating of Vitalino Reyes Jr.  Yesterday we showed you Yohnny Rosado at the Queen Street Police Station where he had gone to see to five of his workers who were detained by police in connection with their investigation into the attack on his competitor’s son, who is recovering from being kicked and hit in the head with a pint bottle at the Long Island Bar one week ago today.

According to attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd,  who has been advising Rosado legally, police have stonewalled her attempts to find out whether the workers are being charged for anything, despite voluntarily giving their statements and cooperating with the investigation.

vlcsnap-2014-06-05-17h16m19s7Audrey Matura Shepherd- Attorney for Cave Tubing

There is a lot of the type of investigation I would like to see in that, yesterday, the police waited for the employees to reach with the tools in their tour buses at the Tourism Village and I think, as an act to show that they are in charge and to embarrass my client; they showed up there to detain them.  Now, those police officers, I am the attorney for those people.  Had they given me a call and say, bring in your clients…I could have brought them; they are no0t running from from anything.  What was tragic is that when I went to the police station, five of the employees were detained, I mean, these men weren’t… just because they are caught between the crossfire between the two entities, we are being punished and trawled in here.  Police have their statements that they were not there, but that doesn’t matter.  I spoke to one of the sergeants that is dealing with the case, and he told me that what’s the update why we are going to hold them in there.  I said, “sir, is there any new evidence?”  He says, well we are investigating.  So, I said, sir, I thought you would investigate then, you arrest!  What is it that you detain people?  He told me plain, “we have 48 hours top keep them, and I said, That is an abuse of the power according to the constitutional law to hold someone for 48 hours”.

vlcsnap-2014-06-05-17h35m43s138Police are questioning the cavetubing workers to try and get to the bottom of the violent incident that has left one man in a critical condition, but according to Matura-Shepherd, the police have refused to accept her cooperation to bring the workers in to talk if they are not charged.

The police say that the detentions are part of their investigation into the incident, but Matura-Shepherd says there is another unfortunate side effect.

Audrey Matura Shepherd:  “I don’t want to believe it and I don’t want to accept that there is actually maliciousness behind it.  But think about it: If Mr. Rosado is short of crime of his good employees and you hear that this is a big tourist day today with shifts in, there is something wrong….and he himself they will not charge because from the night that he has said, he was scared.  So, I have said to the police, well, tell me what’s the evidence because these were men who came to the police voluntarily and gave statements. Imagine, two of them that were not even there in the area, has been arrested and charged, one who was living there when this thing occurred, but came by later, has been implicated.  I mean, I could understand why they are so frustrated”.

At news time, the men have completed 24 hours in detention.

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