Cayo Cancer Society walks for awareness

There was a cancer walk in San Ignacio on Saturday October 25th .  The San Ignacio branch of Cancer society started at 6:30 a.m. from Running W on the George Price Highway, all the way to the Macal River Park.

It was a good turnout to raise awareness of the disease and the need for support of victims and their families.

We spoke to one cancer survivor, John Lopez, who participated in the walk.


vlcsnap-2014-10-28-07h55m03s40John Lopez

“All my life I work out, and that is the best I can do.  I work out.  I don’t drink now.  I got about ten years I don’t drink.  I think exercise really helps.

Cancer is for everybody.  Anybody could get cancer.  I would advise the majority that don’t exercise, to exercise, because I believe in exercise.”


President of theCayo Branch of the Belize Cancer Society, Mrs. Flora Usher, says that she was very happy with the turn out and said that the Cayo Branch of Cancer society works very hard to assist its members.


vlcsnap-2014-10-28-07h54m31s1vlcsnap-2014-10-28-08h30m53s47Mrs. Flora Usher –  President of theCayo Branch of the Belize Cancer Society

“This is our second Cancer Walk, since we got chartered in 2013.  I’m so happy to say that we got a really good turnout.  The san Ignacio community has been very supportive. 

As most of you are aware, Cancer Walks are really done to create awareness about Cancer, to educate and to sensitize people about those that are affected by Cancer. 

I can’t say statistically how many people we have sick in San Ignacio, Santa Elena, and Benque.  What I can share with you is that since we got chartered, we have 35 patients that are registered with us.  To date, of those 35 patients, we have lost 7.  5 are survivors, and the rest are getting ongoing treatment.

Fortunately for us, we have been able to assist every patient that has come our way.  We work very hard.  I must say that we have a very dynamic committee.  Everybody works.  Everybody gives of their time, of their energy, without much complaint.  Everybody works, and maybe that’s why it’s so successful, and we have been able to help a lot of people.”

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