Cayo Caretaker shot and killed in Roaring Creek

Belmopan police are investigating the shooting death of 30 year old Elroy Ramirez, Belizean caretaker of Young Bank Area, Camalote Village. According to reports, Ramirez was standing beside a pickup truck inside a yard in the Another World are of Roaring Creek Village, along with some other men, when a man of dark complexion armed with a shotgun approached the fenced yard and fired a single shot in the direction of Ramirez causing his injuries. Albina Herrera was inside the house when she heard the gun go off.

Albina Herrera

“I heard a big bomb… like a big grenade. I got scared and jumped up. I started to tremble and cry. I feel as if they ( the police) should have been patrolling, especially when you have the kids outside playing…. they should have been patrolling. This place has a good environment, so its the first time something like this happened.”


“So this surprised you?”

Albina Herrera

“Really Really Really.”

Ramirez was immediately rushed to the Western Regional Hospital however he succumbed to his injuries at around 10:42 pm. On Thursday March 5 Reports indicated that Ramirez was not the intended target of last night’s homicide however we have not been able to confirm this information with police. Belmopan police had one person in for questioning however no arrests have been made. We have still received no official report from police on this incident.

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