Cayo Caretaker stabbed to death in Belize City

A visitor to Belize City from the Cayo village of Ontario was found apparently stabbed to death inside the bathroom of  the guest house where he was staying. 49 year old Oscar Amilcar Grijalva sustained multiple stab wounds to the chest and both arms, and a cut to the throat. Initial police investigations indicate that Grijalva arrived at the guest house on Albert Street around 11:30 Thursday morning in the company of a woman, who left the room a few hours later. Shortly after, the cleaner found Grijalva’s body in the bathroom. Grijalva’s body is now at the Morgue at the Karl Heunser Memorial hospital where it awaits a post mortem examination. Police Superintendent in charge of Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), Hilberto Romero, says that while they have not established a motive for the crime, there is one person of interest being sought and possible theories emerging of how and why Grijalva met his death.


Hilberto Romero(Police Superintendent in charge of Criminal Investigation Branch)

 “Well we know that he had some money with him and that is all that we know.  We do not have an exact motive at this time,  but we have one person of interest in this case.  I can mention that we have one person of interest and that he (Amilcar Grijalva) was found in that guestroom’s bed.”


“He (Amilar Grijalva) is a caretaker from Ontario. He lives at that villlage. he came to Belize City to collect some monies for some workers that he was suppose to pay.  He was just here to collect some monies and was to return to Ontario the same day.”


Grijalva’s death rounds off a disastrous few days for Police in Eastern Division which have responded to no less than six murders in Belize City and San Pedro and several attempted murders and shooting incidents after a period of calm.

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