Cayo corporal charged over “stolen” gun

We have reported on a gun that police found on a man who was acting suspiciously in Orange Walk. The officers searched the man and took the gun but the man escaped and has not been recaptured since. According to police, the gun is a police issued firearm. Reports are that a police corporal in the Cayo formation has since been brought up on disciplinary charges for allowing that gun to end up in the hand of a criminal. According to official police report today, the gun was reported stolen in San Ignacio Town. The officer in question reported that while patrolling in the Kontiki Area, he was assaulted by two individuals who took away his issued firearm. The matter was investigated by PSB and officer was placed on disciplinary charges of Lost by Neglect. He plead guilty to the charge and was fined the maximum of  two hundred dollars along with what police say was a  severe reprimand. He was also ordered to pay compensation of $1,500 to the Government of Belize to cover the cost of replacing the firearm.  The gun is in the custody of Orange Walk Police but the man who was carrying it has still not been found.

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