Center for Employment Training Showcases the Importance of Skill Gaining

vlcsnap-2013-12-03-18h36m37s82The hands-on training in the field of technical labor has equipped countless young men and women with the skills and know-how to not only contribute to the development of their community, but to serve as a prosperous means of income. Students at the Cayo Centre for Employment Training (CET), were granted the opportunity to showcase their gained knowledge at an open house held this past Thursday.  At the event, our affiliate Mr. Kent Pandy, caught up the National ITVET Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, Denroy Tillet.

vlcsnap-2013-12-03-18h12m19s14vlcsnap-2013-12-03-18h22m57s227Mr. Denroy Tillet- National ITVET Coordinator

“Cayo CET? This is about the 4th time I have been here.  I must say it’s a beautiful campus.  To start with, you can tell that they put a lot of work.  Image plays a big role, but other than that, having been here, seen the trainees, seen the instructors, I can tell that there is a harmony, I can see where the trainees are grasping the concept that are being taught to their man skills from the instructors and today you have an opportunity to see this”.

vlcsnap-2013-12-03-18h18m34s204Tillet further encouraged persons to pursue a future in technical vocation, stressing on the demand in employment market.

Mr. Denroy Tillet:  “They see the need to have an academic education.  I wouldn’t take that away from them if they want to attend to a high school level, but we know that opportunities are not too great in terms of employment.  Business students, students that study the sciences…there are not many jobs available for those, while if you look around, you’ll see technical jobs are the ones being available, form welders, plumbers, electricians, and these are the type of skills that the Center for employment training here and the other ITVETs provide.  So, I want to ensure the other students out there from high schools…even vlcsnap-2013-12-03-18h34m48s224some from primary schools that they feel that they have nowhere to go.  Technical vocational institution is the answer.  There you are provided with skills that you can use and that you can get jobs on”.

The open house was hosted at the Cayo Centre for Employment Training campus.


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