CEO Lovell Clarifies Elrington’s “Border Comment”

In an interview last week with the Ministry of National Security, CEO Colonel George Lovell concurred that despite the Foreign Minister’s border comments, or at least the media’s interpretation of the Foreign Minister’s border comments, Belize has clearly defined maritime borders. CEO Lovell Clarifies what the Minister meant when he said we doesn’t know where our borders are.


“Do we know exactly where our boarders are on the seas?”

vlcsnap-2015-06-01-09h48m13s234Ret’d. Col. George Lovell – C.E.O., Ministry of National Security

“Yes we do. I guess what the Foreign Minister was saying, while you are on the seas, drifting, how would you be able then to say that this man was…there is no point on the sea to say this man was on this marker, he was at this position so he was in Guatemala or Belize. So how then do you prove that in a court setting? I guess that was his contention. He was not saying that we do not know where our borders lies or where our maritime borders lies because it is clear in terms of charts where those points are.”


“So Belize has a clearly marked maritime border? Not marked on the sea, but…”


Ret’d. Col. George Lovell

“If you look at the charts in terms of where we have our twelve miles limit and what have we, in most areas, it is quite clear.”

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