“Changed” gang member allegedly shoots up house

Two weeks ago Roger Anthony, who has been recognized by many as the leader of the Ghost Town Crips, renounced a lifetime of crime and violence. In an interview he did with members of the media on October 14th , he explained that his family was the inspiration behind this dramatic change and made a commitment to devote himself to do positive things.

But on Sunday, Roger Anthony was detained by police along with a handgun after being caught allegedly attempting to harm Elis Meighan, also of Ghost Town. The Meighans were escorted by Inspector flowers to precinct 1, where 39 year old Sheldon Meighan, reported to police that sometime around 10:10 pm on Sunday while inside her house on Banak Street, she saw a man standing outside her house. Shortly after she heard what sounded like gunshots and realized her house was being shot at.

Police have since retrieved 4 expended shells from the scene.

No one was injured during the incident.

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