Changes made to Organizational Structure of the Belize Police Department

Allen Whylie has been Commissioner of police since  January 9 of this year. He spent much of his first month battling to get the situation under control after spate of  crime resulted in 26 murders in 12 weeks.  Yesterday, Compol Whylie  finally got a chance to present his plans and strategies at the Racoon Street Police Station. Nationally, the four policing regions are under the command of Senior Superintendent Joseph Myvett (North), Assistant Commissioner Miguel Segura (East), Superintendent Aaron Guzman (West), and Senior Superintendent Robert Mariano (South). Commissioner Whylie spoke of the importance of reorganization:

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police:
vlcsnap-2013-03-19-20h41m41s148We have made a number of changes to the Organizational Structure of the Belize Police Department.  Now these changes we believe have been made to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Policing Services that we are delivering.  we cannot be satisfied in terms of the status quo and the way things have been done in the past, and whilst there will be pitfalls and challenges and difficulties, rest assured that we firmly believe that at the Senior Leadership Level that these changes are for the betterment of the Department, as well as the services to the nation.

The Department now has a special advisor from India: Ashok Chand, also a career man in the Indian Police Service for 30 years. He is here for one year on loan and has accompanied Commissioner Whylie around the country plotting strategy. He got a chance to introduce himself on Tuesday.

Ashuk Chan – Special Advisor, Via India Technical Commission:
My name is Ashuk Chan, I am from the Indian Police Service. I’ve done more than twenty year policing in the capital of India, Delhi. I’ve worked in various fields in the police department. We in India have a lot of terrorism and so I did the anti-terror network in Delhi for around seven years, then after that I did the crime investigation unit for a number of years and apart from that I’ve also been in what you’d call the police field duties. Subsequent to that I’m now on deputation from the Government of India to the Government of Belize, as adviser to the Commissioner of Police, for a period of one year.

The Commissioner spoke on various topics related to improvements in the Department: rebuilding intelligence capability, promoting professional standards and addressing complaints, and creating a proper management structure. But all of that is not worth much without community support, as he explains.

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police:
I want to echo the call here today publicly that we’re looking a few good citizens who feel their social obligation to work along with us, because one of the first things I want to challenge the Precinct Commanders to do is to form Citizens On Patrol programmes within their areas, to form Neighbourhood Watches within their areas, and to form Peoples Coalition within those areas.  So I’m sending the message out there today to the public.  I would like at least the first hundred volunteers to volunteer within the various Precincts, that we are able to get this sort of cooperation.

Among those additions are 2 superintendents to be identified to directly command Orange Walk and Stann Creek Formations to allow their previous commanders to move up to regional command. Other strategies include placing management teams at all regions, strengthening the Police Association to have a more direct say in officers’ welfare; deploying more officers to hot-spot areas such as the Belize Rural Sub-Formation, and re-organization of Special Branch under Mark Vidal.

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