Charges against alleged Succotz rioters dismissed

Alleged Succotz rioters have been freed of charges. The charges against the 14 persons residents of San Jose Succotz village who were dismissed in the Magistrate’s Court on April 16.  The residents were accused of participating in the blocking of the George Pric Highway in the village of Succotz on April 19th of last year. This was carried out as residents were demanding the immediate arrest of the Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura after he crashed into a taxi and killed Yolanda Valencia and severely injured Yanie Cu. Months later, on November 13, the 14 residents were arraigned on charges of rioting and unlawful assembling. At yesterday’s court session, the prosecution witnesses were unwilling to testify against the accused and so the defense attorney, Michel Shebat made an application to the court to have the matter dismissed for want of prosecution. The Magistrate agreed and the charges were dismissed.

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