Charges Dropped Against BML Workers

On Monday morning more than 20 workers from Belize Maintenance Limited (BML) attended Magistrate’s Court for the expected dismissal of their cases.

In August they had vehemently protested in front of City Hall on North Front Street after learning that at least 50 of them would be sent home because their employer could not pay them, having not been paid on time by the Belize City Council. During the spontaneous demonstration they strew garbage on the street, defying police authority.

But two days later Prime Minister Dean Barrow decreed as part of the resolution of the dispute that the charges would be dropped. Mayor Bradley speaks on that matter.


vlcsnap-2014-10-07-09h09m01s228Darrell Bradley – Mayor of Belize City

“My understanding is all of that was already done. I gave instructions for that to be done a long time ago, but the procedural aspects of it have to be implemented by our people on the ground, our prosecutors and enforcement officers.

So that’s something that we had already resolved that we were going to do, and we’re working with BML to coordinate the transition, and we’re also working with them in relation to finishing up the scope of their contract before we move into a new system.”


The Mayor also updated the press on payments to BML to both resolve arrears and keep current as the City moves closer to ending their association in January.


Mayor Darrell Bradley

“We paid them two hundred thousand dollars. That balloon payment was the last day of September. We paid them two hundred thousand dollars out of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars we were supposed to pay them. This week we’re going to pay them the remaining one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. We’re supposed to make a next payment to them, the ending of October.”

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